Can You Reopen a Personal Injury Case?

reabrir un caso de lesiones personales

Although the answer to this question depends on the specific facts of the case and settlement terms, in general the answer is no, you will not be able to reopen a personal injury case after it has been settled or litigated and a judgment rendered.  This is largely due to the inclusion of a “release…

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Why is it Important to Seek Medical Attention After an Auto Accident?

busque atención médica.

Auto accidents are an unfortunate hazard of everyday life that some people will eventually have to confront.  Most accidents tend to be minor—property damage is minimal, covered by insurance, and everyone walks away seemingly uninjured.  However, even accidents that initially seem minor can have catastrophic consequences, if victims delay or fail to seek medical attention…

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How to Prepare Yourself During a Wildfire in Los Angeles

accidente de incendio forestal

Learn what to do to better handle a Los Angeles wildfire before, during, and after it occurs. The recent explosion of wildfires in and around Greater Los Angeles, Southern California, and beyond is an ever-present reminder that we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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Elevator Accident: Who’s Responsible?

accidente en ascensor

Fear of elevators is one of the most common phobias—and this fear is not necessarily irrational.  According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)—a branch of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)—incidents involving elevators result in 30 deaths and 17,000 serious injuries each year.

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