The Dominguez Firm Proudly Names Camerina Aguilar as the Winner of the Fall 2023 Collegiate Scholarship

The Dominguez Firm proudly selects Camerina-Elena Aguilar as the recipient of its Fall 2023 Collegiate Scholarship. Camerina’s remarkable journey from personal struggles to becoming an inspirational advocate for mental and physical well-being has deeply resonated with our mission to support and empower exceptional students working to create positive change. Camerina’s resilience and determination shined through…

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New Laws That Could Impact You in 2023

2023 New Laws

A new year brings new laws to California and many cities throughout the state. These laws could impact you in your workplace, while driving or crossing the street. Plus, new licensing requirements for nursing home owners and greater pay transparency for job hunters. Here’s a rundown of the most notable new legislation scheduled to go…

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