The Dominguez Firm’s commitment to the community extends well outside the courtroom. This includes a long history of charitable giving and philanthropy supporting over 50 worthy organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Whether it’s celebrating causes, events and holidays in demographically diverse communities, sponsoring scholarships for deserving students, supporting orphanages and the homeless or surprising shoppers with free groceries during the pandemic, we really enjoy taking part in the community, meeting people, creating new experiences and forming new bonds. We will continue our mission to bring positive change and connect with the community that we've gladly and proudly been serving for over 35 years and counting!


The Dominguez Firm family participate in a toy drive to bring joy to children during the holidays.


Attorney Allan Carvalho and Manuel Ocana honoring Judge Douglas Watkins at the 15th Annual Latino Comp Judge of the Year Award Dinner.


Helping students from Veracruz, Mexico, who were thrilled to be participating in the Tournament of Roses parade.

mexican independence day

CEO and Founder, Juan Dominguez, celebrates "El Grito" with the Ballet Folklorico group before their presentation commemorating Mexican Independence Day.

story time tijuana

Mr. Dominguez enjoying story time along with the children at the Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana.

consul mexico los angeles

Consul General of México, Carlos Manuel Sada, and Mr. Dominguez at the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles.


The Dominguez Firm family participated in the annual Stand for Hope charity 5k run at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.


All smiles: Attorney Juan Dominguez awarding a scholarship to a deserving student in partnership with the USC McMorrow Neighborhood Academic Initiative.


Attorney Juan Dominguez receiving the Special Recognition Award from the Mexican-American Bar Association (MABA).


Juan Dominguez and Antonio Villaraigosa at a media event for Estrella TV 2014.


Founder, CEO, and managing partner of The Dominguez Firm, Attorney Juan J. Dominguez, poses with La Novia de Mexico, Angelica Maria, at the ribbon cutting even organized for Mundo Fox 22.

HNBA Awards

Mr. Dominguez being honored by the Hispanic National Bar Association.

Los Angelitos Orphanage

A dream taking shape: Juan Dominguez visits the construction site of a new building he sponsored at the Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana. This project is one that is very dear to Mr. Dominguez's heart.

Academic Senate Award

Mr. Dominguez receiving the Academic Senate Award for his continued contribution to the advancement of public community college education in California.