Since 1987, The Dominguez Firm has successfully resolved hundreds of truck related injury cases. We have obtained several million and multi-million dollar results in truck accident cases. We know trucking cases. We regularly sue trucking companies for the serious injuries they cause to drivers and passengers of other vehicles, including to pedestrians.

The trucking industry is highly regulated. We know what to look for to find violations that may be attributed to the trucking accidents we handle. Due to their large size and heavy weight, trucking accidents often involve serious injuries, and sometimes deaths.

Large trucks may crash into other smaller vehicles and motorcycles, and run into or run over bicyclists and pedestrians. Sometimes the truck driver is improperly trained in the operation of their truck. Sadly, all too often truck drivers fail to take required breaks and cause accidents by falling asleep at the wheel. In other occasions, they may be distracted by a water bottle or while using a cell phone or eating while they are driving. It all takes but a second of distraction for an avoidable accident to occur.

When you are injured in a truck accident in Greater Los Angeles, you are going to want an aggressive and confident award-winning team of lawyers on your side. Typically, in car accident cases, the at-fault driver is relatively easier to target with liability, but in truck accident cases the lawsuit can seem like a David-and-Goliath situation because trucking companies oftentimes have teams of aggressive insurance defense attorneys. These lawyers are typically employed to fiercely combat lawsuits filed by injured victims of truck accidents. You do not want an attorney with little to no experience or a law firm with lack of adequate resources or results. You want to even the score and get a large powerful personal injury law firm on your side with proven results in serious injury trucking cases.


Our award-winning team of lawyers are committed to winning truck accident cases. Some of our successes in truck related accidents include:

  • $14 Million jury verdict for truck accident at Port of Long Beach.
  • $8.5 Million for family of motorcyclist killed by truck at a stop-light.
  • $4.4 Million for driver on highway 60 struck by a tractor-trailer.
  • $4 Million for client struck at a crosswalk by tractor-trailer.
  • $3 Million for pedestrian whose foot was ran-over by reversing truck.
  • $2.6 Million for pedestrian struck crossing at a crosswalk.
  • $1.5 Million for pedestrian struck on the sidewalk.
  • $1.2 Million client’s car rear-ended by tractor-trailer.
  • $1 Million for client struck at work by reversing tractor-trailer.
  • $1 Million for a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer.
  • $1 Million for car driver struck by truck making a left turn.

Our award-winning firm has won over $500 million for clients throughout Southern California. Our team is committed to the dignity of the individual, excellence and service. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you do. This arrangement allows you a risk-free way to get the top legal representation that you deserve.

We Can Help

After being seriously injured in a trucking accident, you may be facing exorbitant medical expenses. Depending on your injuries, you may need to undergo surgery or may need medications, treatment, see various medical specialists, expensive diagnostic tests, hospitalization or physical therapy for months or years after the accident. We want you to get the best medical care possible.

If you don’t have medical insurance or can’t afford the top care that you need, we can help. We regularly work with top medical specialists and can arrange medical care for you on a lien based on the proceeds of your accident case, as we have done for thousands of injured clients since 1987. After all, medical expenses as a result of an accident are damages an at-fault party is responsible to pay to you, and are taken into account in your ultimate settlement or verdict. Thus, best to get the top urgent medical care now when you most need it, than have to wait many months to years when a case is resolved and the much delayed medical care is of little to no value. The most important thing is that you receive the very best medical care possible that you need when you most needed. Nothing is more important than your health. Our law firm can help.

On qualifying cases we may be able to arrange for a monetary loan, secured from the proceeds of your case, to assist you while you are unable to work. We will be by your side step by step along the road to recovery and until the resolution of your bus injury case.

If you been injured in a trucking accident, get our award-winning team on your side! We will fight to get you the top compensation you deserve. If there is no recovery, there are no fees or costs! You have nothing to lose. We will come to your home or hospital anywhere in Greater Los Angeles at a moment’s notice. Call us 24/7 for a FREE CONSULTATION: 800-818-1818.