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For the past three decades, The Dominguez Firm has been a beacon of hope to accident victims in Southern California. The firm’s sough-after personal injury and employment attorneys not only represent individuals and families in cases of catastrophic accidents, wrongful death and workplace discrimination.

This winning team, also, goes the extra mile to give back to Californians, beyond offering outstanding legal representation. The firm’s CEO and Managing Partner, Juan J. Dominguez, has always been at the forefront of countless charitable efforts, on behalf of the diligent professionals, who are ready to pass on the firm’s legacy of generosity.

We are proud to host here some of our most notable partnerships and compelling stories, which form part of The Dominguez Firm’s success, and continued community involvement. The firm is the humble recipient of recognitions and accolades, bestowed upon its leadership by community representatives and organizations. We hope to inspire all to give back, and more!


The Dominguez Firm sponsors USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative

When it comes to standing for the future of our community, The Dominguez Firm takes social responsibility as seriously as parents take their children’s education.

We donate to organizations and institutions, and we’re present to congratulate them and celebrate their successes; to applaud their efforts and extend a helping hand, and this year is no exception.

USC Gala

The Neighborhood Academic Initiative program is very thankful for the long-standing generosity over the past eight years of the Dominguez Firm to our graduating scholars to college. Because of the Dominguez Firm’s generous support, our graduates have the ability to close gaps in financial aid and critical scholarships in order to build their academic lives in college.

Kim Thomas-Barrios  Associate Senior Vice President, USC Educational Partnerships

I support the USC-NAI scholarship program for the same reasons I have supported several scholarships and organizations for decades: our strong commitment to education, our duty to give back to the community, and our pledge to provide the less fortunate an opportunity to have a bright future. Education is one of the most important attributes a person has. It is  a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life!

Attorney Juan J. Dominguez – CEO & Managing Partner, The Dominguez Firm.


Ivy A.C. Bliss

Communications Director