A young law graduate from Mexico, Nadia Barreda Delgado, traveled to Los Angeles to thank attorney Juan J. Dominguez for sponsoring the orphanage, in which she grew up, and her studies. In January 2018, the main building of the orphanage was renamed Centro Juan J. Dominguez, during Mr. Dominguez’s visit to Tijuana.

Attorney Juan J. Dominguez and his firm contribute to the well-being and education of children in and out of the country. “As a lawyer, I will follow in the footsteps of attorney Juan Dominguez, sponsoring the children in the orphanage where I grew up, and supporting the community by practicing immigration law,” said Nadia.


Brothers On A Quest

Brothers on a Quest works to raise awareness of Ataxia Type 2, also referred to as AOA2. This rare neurological disease impacts a person’s coordination and motor skills. It can cause slurred speech, involuntary eye movements and balance issues. The organization was started by the De Mint family after three of their four children were diagnosed with the disease. Donations to Brothers on a Quest go towards research into finding a cure for AOA2.

m.a.r.y. foundation

The M.A.R.Y. foundation recognizes the importance of introducing and encouraging art in a child’s life. Studies overwhelmingly show that an early introduction to art instills confidence and is crucial to the mental and emotional development of children. Donations pay for materials and help this innovative foundation bring art into the lives of all youngsters through coordinator-led school programs and family events.

Marys Kitchen

Mary’s Kitchen is an all-volunteer organization that provides meals and other services for the less fortunate. Everything started in 1984 when Mary McAnena helped an unhoused woman living in a nearby park. Today, that small act of kindness has grown into a warm, inviting place that offers meals, clothes and showers to an average of 200 people a day. 100% of all donations go towards the cost of running and providing these services.



Los Angelitos Orphanage

The children of the Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana continue to receive the support of The Dominguez Firm during the pandemic.

J.J. Dominguez, Founder and CEO of The Dominguez Firm has been a proud supporter of the Los Angelitos Orphanage for many years. His help has ensured the children receive the care and nurturing they deserve all while living in a secure, loving environment. Due to Covid-19's impact on the most vulnerable, The Dominguez Firm redoubled its efforts to make sure the children of Los Angelitos are safe and receiving all of the services and care they need with no interruptions.

grocery store giveaway

The Dominguez Firm’s grocery giveaway surprised early morning shoppers at a Superior Grocers in South Central Los Angeles.

Since the pandemic began, Superior Grocers has prioritized seniors and the disabled during their first hour of business. Much to the surprise of these shoppers, The Dominguez Firm was on hand to pay for their groceries one morning. Attorney J.J. Dominguez, Founder and CEO of The Dominguez Firm, LLP came up with the idea as a way to help vulnerable families in South Central Los Angeles coping with the pandemic. He stated, “The Dominguez Firm is glad to provide this courtesy and be an example for other businesses to give back. We are all in this together.”

latlc giving back

The Dominguez Firm and the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities (LATLC): a successful partnership devoted to helping others.

The LATLC has been helping people throughout Los Angeles County since 2006 and The Dominguez Firm is a long-standing supporter of this worthwhile organization’s work. The LATLC organizes events, provides scholarships and sponsors youth sports programs with the help of its many attorney volunteers and donations.

Like The Dominguez Firm, LATLC looks to make a positive impact in the lives of children, survivors of abuse, the disabled and the unhoused throughout the year. Their work is important, especially now.

USC Gala Pic

The Dominguez Firm sponsors USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative

When it comes to standing for the future of our community, The Dominguez Firm takes social responsibility as seriously as parents take their children’s education.

We donate to organizations and institutions, and we’re present to congratulate them and celebrate their successes; to applaud their efforts and extend a helping hand, and this year is no exception.

“The Neighborhood Academic Initiative program is very thankful for the long-standing generosity over the past eight years of the Dominguez Firm to our graduating scholars to college. Because of the Dominguez Firm’s generous support, our graduates have the ability to close gaps in financial aid and critical scholarships in order to build their academic lives in college.”

Kim Thomas-Barrios –Associate Senior Vice President, USC Educational Partnerships

Juan Dominguez

“I support the USC-NAI scholarship program for the same reasons I have supported several scholarships and organizations for decades: our strong commitment to education, our duty to give back to the community, and our pledge to provide the less fortunate an opportunity to have a bright future. Education is one of the most important attributes a person has. It is a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life!“

Attorney Juan J. Dominguez – CEO & Managing Partner, The Dominguez Firm.


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