amusement park injury

Who Is Responsible for An Amusement Park Injury?

The recent indictment of two owners of the Schlitterbahn Water Park on charges of second-degree murder after a ten-year-old boy was decapitated on one of the park’s slides has sparked substantial scrutiny into theme park safety. 

Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

The #Metoo Movement has once again thrust the problem of sexual harassment to the forefront of public discourse.  Incredibly powerful and high profile men in Hollywood, news media, music, politics, publishing, academia

What to do if You Are Injured at a Grocery Store?

Imagine this scenario: after a grueling day of work, you stop by Safeway on your way home to pick up some kale and toilet paper.  While walking down the Bathroom and Cleaning Supplies aisle,

Safety Tips to Avoid Bicycling Accidents in Los Angeles

Bicycle commuting is a fun and environmentally-friendly way to get fit while getting where you need to go.  In a traffic-congested city like Los Angeles that boasts balmy weather most of the year, cycling can be a great alternative to spending hours in traffic or stuffed onto a crowded city bus.

Should I Hire A Lawyer if Exposed to Toxic Chemicals?

Every day, millions of Americans are exposed to potentially toxic chemicals in the course of their work.  Most instances of exposure will not generate adverse reactions—however, in cases when chemical toxicity occurs, victims can face serious health consequences. 
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