If you were injured by someone’s property, you likely have a premises liability accident claim. If so, then you need a top-notch, experienced premises liability lawyer to help you prove your case through a premises liability lawsuit.

What is premises liability? It’s a legal term that means your injury was caused by the condition of the property itself. If found negligent, it means the owner will be liable for your injuries. Common premises liability injury accidents include: slip and falls; trip and falls; and falling objects, fences, or gates among others.

To prove premises liabilty, you must show that the property owner failed to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition and knew or should have known about the dangerous condition in a reasonable amount of time to fix it, or alternatively, that they knew about it and failed to warn about it. These cases are notoriously difficult to prove and necessitate the keen eye and skill of an expert premise liability attorney.

For example, we recently obtained a record breaking verdict in Santa Monica in the amount of $2,534,613 for our client who was severely injured when a 300 pound gate fell and crushed her.

In this case, our client was working security during the shooting of the television show, “Criminal Minds.” Contracts between the property owner and the television show further complicated the case as the owner and the show tried to play a game of “not my fault.” Through our investigations, including key depsitions, as well as utilizing expert witnesses, we were able to hold the at-fault parties responsible to get the justice and compensation our severly injured client deserved.

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