Although accidents at construction sites may not be so surprising, this doesn’t make them any less tragic.  Workers are injured in falls from scaffolding or ladders, electrocutions, work safety violations, from falling materials and more.

Many of the construction site accidents we handle involve serious injuries and sometimes death.  Since 1987, The Dominguez firm has resolved hundreds of construction accident cases.  Because of our vast experience and success, we know what it takes to maximize results.  It is vitally important to get us involved right away so we can gather all the evidence crucial to the success of your case.  We also work with leading medical specialists to ensure you receive the best medical care.

The Dominguez Firm works on a no recovery, no fee, no costs basis.  This means that you do not pay unless you win.  Thus, you have nothing to lose.  Our award-winning team of personal injury trial lawyers fight for you!  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury from a construction accident, call us 24/7 for a FREE CONSULTATION: 800-818-1818

A construction site is inherently dangerous with heavy machines and heavy equipment. While working with heavy machinery it is important to use caution.  Such machinery could include:

  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Cement Loaders
  • Large automated tools

All pose a danger to those working on a construction site.

Safety violations occur all too frequently at construction sites.  If you see or hear about a safety violation do not hesitate to report it.  You can do so with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) at

In California, if you are injured during working hours, you are entitled to compensation under the laws of Workers’ Compensation.  If OSHA safety regulations were violated by any third party at your construction site, and this either caused or partly caused your injury, you may be entitled to pursue personal injury compensation as well as the benefits under the Workers’ Compensation laws.  See The Dominguez Firm handles both personal injury and Worker’s Compensation aspects  of law for on-the-job injuries.

If OSHA regulations or safety rules were violated by anyone that was not directly working for your immediate employer, they may be held liable for any injuries and damages you sustain.  Supervisors, employees, contractors, sub-contractors owe a duty of care to everyone in and around the construction site.  If this duty is breached, the negligent party may be liable for your injuries.

There are many ways a negligent party may be held liable, including:

  • Improper supervision or instruction
  • Improper training of employees
  • Asking an employee with insufficient training to do a task
  • Disregarding the safety of others to make deadlines
  • Welding near flammable materials
  • Improper handling of chemicals
  • Failure to secure an object before working it
  • Using equipment in a way that puts others at risk

Determining liability and which party was in violation of safety regulations can be complicated.  This is why it’s important to hire a law firm with experience in construction accidents.  The Dominguez Firm is a proven powerhouse law firm with unrivaled service and success record in both personal injury and worker injury practices of law.  If you been injured in a construction site accident, call 24/7 for a FREE CONSULTATION: 800-818-1818.