The Dominguez Firm has achieved landmark results and justice for thousands of clients. As injury experts, we have an extensive success record in handling a wide range of cases including: catastrophic injuries; automobile, trucking, bus, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents; wrongful death; premises liability cases; work-injury accidents; and many other types of cases.

We treat our clients with dignity, care and compassion, whilst fiercely advocating for them. Our award-winning team leaves no stone unturned to obtain monumental financial recoveries for our clients. And because your recovery is key, we collaborate with a vast network of highly-qualified doctors and medical providers, giving our clients access to the best medical care available.



Perez v. Sunde
Client was struck by a car while in a crosswalk. Head injury.


Felipe v. Port of Long Beach
A crane at dropped a container on top of client’s truck cabin. Back injury.


J.M. v. Truck Co.
Client was struck by a car while in a crosswalk. Head injury.


Martha v. LACMTA
Client was struck by a bus while crossing the street. Head injury.


Avila v. Tractor Trailer Company
Client’s truck was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. Neck and leg injury.


J.M. v. Truck Co.
Client was struck at work by a reversing tractor-trailer.


Martha v. LACMTA
Client was struck by a bus. Leg injury.


Minor v. Construction Company
Child half drowned in a residential swimming pool. Brain injury.


Pineda v. LACMTA
Passenger in a bus accident suffered neck injury.


J.M. v. Truck Co.
Passenger in a Las Vegas taxi was rear-ended by a tourist. Back injury.


Yobani v. John Doe
Tow truck driver was struck in the freeway while assisting another vehicle. Leg injury.

Undisclosed Amount

Diaz v. Marcus L. Donald Investments
Client fell down an escalator at work while sweeping the floor. Back injury.


Sepulveda v. Ohio Car Rental
Band member on tour died in a car accident.


Ortiz v. LACMTA
Client was struck by a metro-bus as he crossed the street. Leg injury.


Padilla v. Donovan Trust
Client fell down a dangerous escalator in a commercial complex. Back injury.


Alex v. John Doe
Metal gate at a commercial lot fell from its hinges. Torso injuries.


Teofilo v. Route One Transport inc
Tractor-trailer crashed into client’s car. Injuries to both legs.


Olivas v. CA Coach Auto Body
Client’s car was struck by a tow truck. Neck and back injury.


Hernandez v. Swat Team
Client was attacked by police dog. Shoulder injury.


Gonzalez v. Norwalk Mall 
Head injury to 14 month old baby. Cash and structured compensation.


Isabel v. Raygosa
Auto v. Auto. Leg injury.


Candelario v. John Doe Company
Tractor-trailer accident with Back injury.


Munoz v. Jacobsen
Gardener was struck by a car. Leg injury.


Lugo v. Truck Co.
Auto v. Auto. Right-hand wrist injury.


Minor v. Residential Property
Swimming pool accident. Wrongful death.


De Santos v. Delta Express
Client’s car was hit head on by a tractor-trailer. Head injury.


Ancheta v. Fast Food 
Cashier at a drive-thru slammed the window. Injury to hand.


Mathews v. Barlow Brothers Trucking
An 18-wheeler rear-ended the client’s car. Neck injury


Calle v. Brynjolffson
Auto v. Auto. Hand injury.


Cruz v. Russell Roofing
Client fell through a false ceiling. Back and head injury


Tep v. Stubben North America
Another car caused client to lose control of his car and crash. Fatality.


Escobedo v. Trinity
Client fell off chair at work. Arm injury.


Rodriguez v. Engle
Auto v. auto due to construction in the freeway. Ear injury.


Ceballos v. Tejeda Trucking
Victim ran out of gasoline on the freeway at night and was rear-ended. Fatality


Delgado v. Conway 
Passenger died due to a car accident in the freeway. Auto v. auto. Fatality.


Minor v. Nizinski
Child fell from an apartment balcony. Hip injury. Cash and structured settlement.


Gandara v. Gypsum Enterprises, Inc
Work tool fell from several floors above. Hand Injury.


I was working as a security guard when a defective metal door fell and injured my knee. The owner of the property, where the door was located, had refused to accept responsibility. The Dominguez Firm took my case to court and won a jury verdict of $2,534,632. The Dominguez Firm is the best!
Over a year after a car struck me in a cross-walk, the driver's insurance company offered me less than $6,000 for my injuries. The Dominguez Firm fought hard for me and got me a verdict of over $29,000,000. If you are involved in a serious accident, don't settle for less, call the best!
I decided to call The Dominguez Firm because I needed an experienced lawyer that handles these type of cases. I received $3.5 million for my case, and happy with the outcome. I would recommend The Dominguez Firm to anyone that is looking for the best.