Mexican Law Graduate Travels to Los Angeles to Thank Attorney Juan J. Dominguez

Nadia and Juan Media

A recent law graduate, Nadia Barreda Delgado of Mexico, traveled to Los Angeles to thank attorney Juan J. Dominguez for sponsoring her studies through law school as well as the Tijuana orphanage where she grew up at.

Nadia presented Mr. Dominguez with a plaque of gratitude signifying his philanthropic efforts and continued humanitarian contributions. In January of 2018, the construction of an entirely new building of the Los Angelitos Orphanage was built and named Centro Juan J. Dominguez, in commemoration of Dominguez’s continued support of the orphanage. The building includes new housing and living quarters along with an updates kitchen and study area for the children.

The event took place on September 12th, 2018 at the Dominguez Firm’s headquarters and was attended by the Associate Senior Vice President of USC’s Educational Partnerships program, Kim Thomas Barrios. In the past, the Dominguez Firm has also donated scholarships to students of USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative program.

The event emphasized the importance of supporting the Hispanic community within Los Angeles as well as neighboring countries such as Mexico. The Dominguez Firm is committed to helping younger generations prosper through primary school and above all, through higher education. The firm’s work has helped foster and solidify the relationship between the US and Mexico even further.

“As a lawyer, I will follow in the footsteps of attorney Juan Dominguez [by] sponsoring the children in the orphanage where I grew up and supporting the community by practicing immigration law,” stated Nadia at the event.

Nadia Barreda Delgado’s inspirational story is one of many that the Dominguez Firm has had the pleasure in helping to facilitate. New scholarships are given to deserving youth of the community every year. Attorney Dominguez and the firm will strive to continue in contributing to the wellbeing and social and personal development of the future of our society.

The Dominguez Firm was founded over 30 years ago by attorney Juan J. Dominguez. The firm represents victims of catastrophic accidents and injured workers in California and fights for employee rights and equality in the workplace. With a staff of over 100 and an award-winning legal team, The Dominguez Firm has recovered over half a billion dollars for its clients within the past three decades. Mr. Dominguez and his firm support over 50 local, national, and international charitable organizations.

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