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Also known as bobtail trucks, you’ve seen them on the road: large commercial trucks with no cargo trailers or flatbeds attached. It takes a well-trained driver to handle this vehicle safely. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. An accident with a tractor truck can result in catastrophic injuries and even death for the occupants of a passenger car. This can completely upend the lives of accident victims and their families, sometimes permanently.

Below you’ll find more information on tractor trucks and what you should do if you or someone close to you is involved in an accident with one.

Is a Tractor Truck Safer Since it Has No Cargo or a Flat Bed Attached to It?

No, quite the opposite, actually. You might not think twice about driving close to a tractor truck since it looks less imposing. But don’t be fooled. Tractor trucks are harder to control and stop if they’re being driven with nothing attached to them. The vehicle carries most of its weight on its front wheels, not the back ones. This uneven weight makes it more difficult for the tractor truck to swerve or brake. It can quickly go out of control in an emergency situation with disastrous consequences.

Give tractor trucks the same wide berth you would give a fully loaded big rig. That’s especially true if you’re driving in bad weather.

Isn’t it Easier for Me to Just Take the Trucking Company’s Settlement Offer?

No. Trucking company insurance representatives are not adding up all of the expenses your accident has and will cost you. They aren’t coming up with a fair offer, even if they assure you that they are. On the contrary, they are trained to settle tractor truck accident cases quickly and for the least amount possible. However, an experienced tractor truck accident attorney can help. They’ll fight for the fair and just compensation your family and you will need in the months, and if necessary, years to come.

What if I Can’t Afford an Attorney?

Not hiring an attorney can cost you dearly. Tractor truck accident cases are complex. There are usually multiple parties involved. Besides the trucking company, the driver may be implicated if he was driving recklessly or negligently. There may be a leasing company involved as well. Do you know if the truck driver wasn’t trained in how to properly handle a tractor truck? That’s another possible important factor to take into consideration. Frankly, the odds of you taking this type of case on by yourself and obtaining a meaningful settlement are very low.

With The Dominguez Firm, you incur no out of pocket expenses. And we promise all of our clients, if we don’t win, you don’t pay. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by hiring the experienced truck accident attorneys at The Dominguez Firm. We’ll handle every aspect of your case and fight for your rights while you concentrate on picking up the pieces of your life.

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