Who is at Fault in a Left Turn or Intersection Accident?

accidente al girar a la izquierda

When most people think of a traffic accident, they envision a high-speed collision on a freeway or a rear-end incident due to an abrupt stop.  Most people don’t realize that a huge number of accidents occur at intersections—about 40%, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  In 2017, there were 927 deaths in…

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Safety Tips to Avoid Travel Injuries During the Holidays

abogado de lesiones de viaje

Anyone who attempts to travel during the busy holiday season is familiar with how crazy the process can be. But did you know that the number of long-distance trips to a destination more than 50 miles away increases by 23% during the Christmas and New Years holiday period?  And while much attention is focused on…

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Compress Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles: Are they Safe in an Accident?

Abogado de Accidentes GNC

The recent release of the 2018 UN Climate Change Report has reinvigorated the urgency to mitigate rising global temperatures in the face of potentially imminent global crisis.  One alternative energy source that has been touted as the ‘green energy’ savior of our collective future has been natural gas.

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Can Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

The driverless future is upon us, especially with big names like Uber, Tesla, GM, and Lyft pouring billions of dollars into driverless technology. According to these companies, a driverless future will mean no traffic jams, less stress for occupants who are going to work or coming back, and a safer drive for the most part.…

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