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Can Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

Can Self-Driving Cars Save Lives?

Learn about recent self-driving car accidents, the debate about their safety, and who to target if you or a loved one has been injured by a driverless car.

Companies such as Tesla, Uber, Lyft, GM, Toyota, and others tout self-driving cars as the future of automobile travel and that driverless cars will solve traffic jams, allow occupants to work or relax, and ultimately be safer. So far, however, this technology is off to a bumpy and deadly start, sparking debates for them and arguments against them here in Los Angeles.

Many folks see self-driving cars as more dangerous as questions arise whether driverless cars can truly account for all the variables on the roadways like a diligent person can. Also, giving up control of the vehicle is something a lot of us can’t quite fathom and that creates a lot of fear and anxiety about this new technology. Whatever side of the debate you are on, most will agree that anything that results in safer roadways is a good thing. The only problem is, will these self-driving cars actually be safer? So far the jury is still out.

Recent Accidents Involving Driverless Cars

  • A Tesla in autopilot mode crashed into a parked Laguna Beach Police Department vehicle. Read more.
  • A self-driving Tesla in Utah ran into a truck, causing a catastrophic crash. Read more.
  • A Tesla in autopilot mode caused a fatal crash in California. Read more
  • A Tesla in autopilot mode caused a fatal crash in Florida crash. Read more.

Not only will driverless cars change how we get around, they will also change how injury accidents and wrongful deaths are handled as the car and its various technologies, software, and hardware (like sensors, cameras, and radars) will be the target of car injury lawsuits, rather than the driver. Car accident cases are already complex and future technologies will make them even more complicated, making it necessary to have an award-winning Los Angeles car accident lawyer in your corner to fight for your rights and maximize your recovery.

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