Carlos Montoya Lawyer

Carlos E. Montoya

Carlos E. Montoya fights for and protects his clients’ rights in the field of employment law at The Dominguez Firm. He has successfully handled a wide range of cases including, but not limited to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and various wage and hour violations. Carlos’ focus is on standing up for the rights of employees and ensuring that everyone has access to a safe and equitable workplace.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of California Santa Barbara - 2012
  • Juris Doctor, Southwestern Law School - 2017

Membership & Honors

  • Member of the Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)
  • Member, California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)

Like the founder of The Dominguez Firm, J.J. Dominguez, Carlos grew up in South East Los Angeles. Growing up in the local community, he was keenly aware of how unscrupulous employers would attempt to take advantage of their employees. These employees were friends, relatives and neighbors. Often, they were unaware of their rights and felt powerless to fight back due to a lack of knowledge. Seeing this power imbalance play out over and over again influenced his decision to become an attorney.

Carlos’ first taste of the law was working at the City Clerk’s office in Huntington Park, in the property damage department. On the heels of this positive experience, he decided to attend law school in order to better help others. Fast forward to today and he is a valued member of The Dominguez Firm employment law team. His hard work and sense of compassion are important assets to the firm and his clients.

For Carlos, work is much more than just an economic relationship between an employer and employee. It should also be a source of pride and dignity for every person. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. His ultimate goal will always be to protect the rights of all workers and ensure that employers continue to meet their obligations and responsibilities under the law.