What To Do If Injured While Riding Your Bicycle

What To Do If Injured While Riding Your Bicycle

Learn about National Bike Month, the benefits of commuting by bike, and what to do if you’re struck by a vehicle while on your bike.

Riding your bike to work here in Greater Los Angeles is a great way to beat the famous LA traffic, to get some exercise, and to help out the environment. Unfortunately, though, when you’re commuting on your bike so is the rest of Los Angeles in their vehicles, which means you’re at greater risk for an injury accident.

The month of May is National Bike Month and is highlighted by Bike to Work Week from May 14-18 and Bike to Work Day on May 18. This month serves as a great reminder of the benefits of cycling and also brings more awareness to safety.

Some alarming statistics based on the most recent data, include:

  • California is typically the deadliest state to ride a bike in (338 deaths in 2012)
  • 818 – total cyclist fatalities (2015)
  • 45,000 – cyclist injuries (2015)
  • 29 percent of fatalities and injuries were a result of being hit by a vehicle

Chances are you ride a bicycle or know a loved one, dear friend, or colleague that does. Angelenos all over should be concerned for each other’s safety. It takes the mutual awareness of drivers and cyclists to make safety a reality. If the unthinkable happens, however, and you are hit by a vehicle, a motorcyclist, or even another bicyclist, it’s very important to do the following:

  • Seek immediate medical care for any injury
  • Make sure you do not admit fault to anyone, including a police officer making a report
  • Photograph or document the scene if you’re able
  • At no time should you ever give a statement to your or anyone else’s insurance company
  • Engage a powerhouse Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer

Contact A Bicycle Accident Injury Attorney

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