Bicycle Safety Tips To Protect Your Children In An Accident

Learn how to prevent child bike accidents with 12 tried and true bicycle safety tips so you and your children can have a fun and injury-free and fun summer break.

School’s out for summer and with longer days and beautiful weather, it’s a great time to hop on a bike to commute for exercise or just have fun.  The only problem with riding a bicycle in Greater Los Angeles is that wherever you or your children ride, you are sure to encounter automobile traffic.

California Bicycle Accidents Can Quickly Turn Deadly

Despite Los Angeles’ best efforts to make the roads more bike friendly, the fact is negligent, distracted drivers injure or kill cyclists every day on our streets.  In 2017, Los Angeles alone experienced 26 cyclist fatalities.  Beyond Los Angeles, a cyclist in Perris and another in El Cajon recently lost their lives in a vehicle versus bicycle accident.

These unfortunate tragedies do not have to happen.  To keep you and your child bike accident-free this summer, check out these 12 tried and true safety tips:

  • Always wear a Consumer Product Safety Commission approved and properly fitted helmet
  • Take a bike riding and training course
  • Make sure your bike is in tip-top mechanical shape, especially its brakes and tires
  • Wear clothing that is bright and avoid baggy or flowing clothing that could get stuck in your chain or pedals
  • Children under 10 should never ride on streets without adult supervision
  • Obey all traffic laws, controls, and road signs
  • Utilize bike lanes, but don’t treat them like a safety bubble
  • Use hand signals for turns and make predictable, smooth maneuvers
  • Never wear headphones
  • Make eye contact with motorists so you know they see you
  • Use your eyes and your ears to be aware of vehicles and road conditions
  • For low-light or nighttime rides, always use a mounted light and reflectors

Hiring the Best Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Cyclists must follow the same rules as motorists and ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible.  Unfortunately though, you can follow all the rules and safety tips, but still be a victim of a negligent driver.  The complexities of bicycle accident lawsuits and the catastrophic injuries that often result necessitate the skill, knowledge, and experience of a powerhouse personal injury law firm to enforce your rights.

The priority of our award-winning bicycle accident lawyers is getting you access to the best medical providers and to maximize your recovery so you can focus on healing.  Call now for a free evaluation at 800-818-1818. If you don’t win, you don’t pay!