Trip and fall accidents usually occur when the property itself was allowed to be left in a dangerous condition. This can occur from a design defect, a lack of maintenance, or a change in the property condition over time, like when tree roots uplift a sidewalk. In less common instances, trip and falls can occur when a movable item, such as a box or crate, is left in a pedestrian walkway unbeknownst to a passerby who then trips.

Trip and fall injuries are often severe as you are usually thrust suddenly, without warning onto a hard surface or stairs. If you have enough time to try and brake your fall, you may incur an arm and/or shoulder injury, including fractures, dislocations, and tears. If you are unable to brake your fall, then you are at serious risk for a facial, brain, and/or skull injury.

Proving liability in a trip and fall accident is often complex and includes not only fact finding and investigation, but also detailed knowledge of building codes, regulations, and premises liability law. Moreover, a trip and fall accident can oftentimes involve suing a public entity, like the City of Los Angeles, for dangerous condition of public property. Suing a public entity involves adhering to strict guidelines, special requirements, and quick deadlines to conform with the California Tort Claims Act.

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