School bullying comes in many forms. It can be in person, over the phone, or electronically by text, email, FaceBook, or any of the other ways kids communicate these days. It can be overt and obviously shattering or more subdued and unsettling. No matter the form or the severity, the fact is that bullying must not be tolerated. Schools are supposed to be for learning and there is no way your child can focus if they fear going to school.

While bullies must be held responsible for their actions, it is important to understand that bullies don’t wake up one day and start bullying other kids. It is usually a behavior that is either learned or created through their own negative interactions with people. In many cases, the bully’s parents knew or should have known of their child’s propensity to bully and the same goes for teachers, staff, and principals, but fail to stop the bullying from happening.

Together, through a school bullying lawsuit, we can help to make sure the at-fault parties are held responsible, which may very well stop another child from having to suffer bullying in the future. School bullying can result in significant emotional trauma and speaking up is the first step toward recovery.

Should your child suffer a school bullying injury, our school bullying lawyers stand ready to help you throughout the entire process, from notifying the school, to filing a government torts claim, and, if necessary, filing a school bullying lawsuit.

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