Tijuana, Mexico – On Friday, January 5, 2018, attorney Juan J. Dominguez will be cutting the ribbon on a brand new housing building at Los Angelitos Orphanage. The new building includes a kitchen and dining room as well as dormitory style rooms totaling 22 additional beds for the children of Los Angelitos. The building will be named after Mr. Dominguez, its principal donor.

Los Angelitos Orphanage is a Tijuana, Mexico based home for abandoned and homeless children. It was founded in 2003 by Norma Angelica Contreras and Ed Perry to provide children a place to live, learn, and grow in a safe, family style environment.

“Los Angelitos is 100 percent funded by private donations,” said Mr. Perry. “Through the generous donations of Mr. Dominguez, we broke ground on our new building about three years ago. Mr. Dominguez then provided the subsequent donations to finish the building. We could not be more excited heading into the New Year – our 15th year.”

Los Angelitos has an approximate monthly budget of $5,000 that covers all housing costs, food, water, school supplies, uniforms and tuition, medical and dental coverage, transportation, child care, and payroll for five staff. Los Angelitos is currently at capacity with 20 children and the new building will more than double that.

Mr. Dominguez said, “I started my law firm 30 years ago in Los Angeles, California and because of our dedicated staff at The Dominguez Firm, I’m honored and privileged to be in the position to give back to children in need.”

Los Angelitos services children 1-21 years old and has seen several of its children make it into college. Nadia is one such success story. She was just 6 years old when she first arrived at Los Angelitos and has only one year left to earn her law degree from Universidad Xochicalco in Tijuana, Mexico

“I want to give a big thank you to Mr. Juan Dominguez for his help with Los Angelitos,” Nadia said. “Without his help, my life would not have been possible, and I am excited to follow him in the legal profession”

The Dominguez Firm donates to over 50 charities and has been giving to Los Angelitos for the last eight years. “Los Angelitos is one of my favorite charities to support because of the very important work that they perform,” said Mr. Dominguez. “So much of what we do at the The Dominguez Firm is about providing the individual with dignity and a voice in a court of law. Likewise, Los Angelitos provides children an equal footing and a chance to succeed in life when they otherwise might not. When I hear stories like Nadia’s, I could not be prouder.”

For more information about Los Angelitos Orphanage, including information about how to support or donate, please visit its website at

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