Learn about the benefits of motorcycle helmet cams, how they can help prove your case, and how a motorcycle injury lawyer can maximize your recovery. 

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then a video must be worth 10 times that.  Helmet cameras are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to record your best rides, capture your favorite scenery, and win your motorcycle accident injury case.

There are two big reasons motorcyclists often don’t fare so well in a motorcycle injury accident lawsuit after a crash.  First, society has a built-in bias against motorcyclists.  Most people think you are a reckless and crazy daredevil that has little regard for yourself or anyone around you.

Second, motorcycle accidents usually result in severe injuries and so when the responding officer writes up a Traffic Collision Report they are relying mostly on the statements of the other driver and witnesses, which tend to be self-serving.

Video Footage While Riding Your Bike or Motorcycle Had its Advantages

A video of the accident will usually cut right through these issues while also doing the following:

  • Keep other drivers and witnesses honest when they know you have a video of the accident
  • Negate a Traffic Collision Report that is against you
  • Show the severity, shock, and horror of the accident
  • Prove liability against the other driver
  • Prove comparative fault against the other driver
  • Show you were obeying the rules of the road
  • Lower your insurance rates (most insurers now give a discount if you use a helmet cam)
  • Do the “talking” for you if your injuries prevent you from recalling the accident
  • Show that you care about your safety and well-being

Helmet cameras are safe to use and only take a few rides to get used to, whether it’s mounted on the helmet, like a Go Pro, or built-in, like a Bell Star 360fly.  Moreover, video footage of the accident is admissible evidence and can be used during depositions, settlement negotiations, or trials to show a jury exactly what happened.  In the hands of an award-winning motorcycle injury lawyer, in addition to proving liability, the footage can also show how and why you sustained your injuries, which can be a much more powerful way to express what happened than using words or still photographs.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

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