With over 200 bones in your body, it’s no wonder that fractured bones are an all too common result when someone’s negligence causes you to be injured in an accident.

No fracture is the same and yours is unique to your body and to your situation. Fractured bones can run the spectrum from requiring a cast and physical therapy to necessitating one or more surgeries and major rehabilitation. Likewise, a broken bone can be a temporary life setback or it can be a life altering event, if not completely debilitating and even life threatening.

Fractured bones can result from any type of accident, including:

There are many types of fractures including, simple, compound, displaced, spiral, comminuted, and on and on. Fractured bones in children can impact growth. Fractured bones, especially hips, in elderly can accelerate aging and death. Fractured bones in adults can lead to being susceptible to other injuries as well as a chance of arthritis later on in life.

In addition to the pain of the broken bone itself, most fractures require a substantial deviation from your everyday life, like having to miss work, school, family and social events, as well as having to set aside your recreational activities and hobbies. Having a fractured bone injury is a big deal no matter the level of severity and it is important to hold at-fault parties responsible for their negligence or intentional conduct. Between expensive medical care, losing income, and a diminished quality of life, a broken bone is a burdensome endeavor that you should not have to carry.

The Dominguez Firm has over 30 years of experience handling all types of accidents and injuries, including bone fracture accidents of every variety. We have the resources and reputation to not only investigate and prosecute your bone fracture case, but also to help you get the best medical treatment available. You only have one shot to get the justice and compensation you deserve, so it’s vital to have a powerhouse firm in your corner.

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