Why It’s Important to Report Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation

Learn about breaking news regarding sexual molestation, why it’s important for victims to come forward, and how The Dominguez Firm can help you or a loved one find closure and healing.

Nearly every day in the news there is an allegation, arrest, or conviction of a sexual predator.

Recently, here in Los Angeles, a renowned architect, Jeffrey Cooper, was arrested on 8 charges of molestation of two girls under the age of 10.  Cooper designed and built for Hollywood’s elite, like Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and many others.  (See the Full Story)

Also, just today, Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCormick, who led the Archdiocese of Washington, was accused of sexual abuse and removed.  (Read More)

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

These are very serious allegations and are far too common as recent statistics indicate:

  • There were nearly 63,000 reported incidents of child sexual abuse nationwide (2012)
  • Nearly 1 out 10 incidents of abuse against children is sexual abuse
  • Every 8 minutes Child Protective Services substantiates or finds evidence of child sexual abuse
  • 93 percent of perpetrators are known to the victim (only 7 percent were strangers)

(See supporting statistics Here and Here)

Airplane Sexual Assault

Perpetrators often know no bounds and can victimize children and other adults anywhere at any time. Most recently, there has been an alarming 66 percent increase in the number of sexual assaults and sexual abuse occurring on commercial airplanes between passengers. (See Here) These sexual attacks and assaults typically occur during red-eye flights, flights over 3 hours, and during flights were alcohol is being over consumed, exposing not only the at-fault party to liability, but also the airline.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse or molestation it is vital to come forward and report these crimes.  Oftentimes victims of sexual assault fear retribution from their attacker, are embarrassed, or might think that people will not believe them.  The truth is, however, that if you or your loved one has been victimized, speaking up about it is the bravest, most commendable thing you can do to save yourself and others from future abuse.

Help for Victims of Sexual Assault

Here at The Dominguez Firm we value the dignity of the individual, excellence, and service.  Our compassionate sexual molestation lawyers stand at the ready to listen to your story in a confidential phone call or meeting.  We are a powerhouse law firm that prides itself on helping victims heal and making sure at-fault parties suffer the consequences of their intolerable conduct.  There is no place for sexual abuse or molestation in our society and we will work tirelessly to enforce your rights, restore your dignity, and maximize your recovery.

The Dominguez Firm has experienced sexual abuse lawyers to assist and get you the compensation you deserve.  If there is no recovery, there is no fee!  Call now for a free consultation at 800-818-1818.

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