Lawsuits Due to Sporting Event or Big-Ticket Event Accidents

Learn about the dangers of stadium and arena accidents, the legal theories you can use to enforce your rights, and what you can do to maximize your recovery if your fun game or event turns tragic. 

In Greater Los Angeles we are blessed with every type of sports team you can think of including the Rams, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Dodgers, and of course our local universities, like UCLA and USC and all of their different teams.

And with all these great teams come great venues, like the Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Honda Center, and others, which means there’s always a sporting or big-ticket event happening year-round.  Unfortunately, when you get that many people together in a huge sprawling stadium or arena personal injury accidents and incidents seem to be the norm rather than the exception.

How Accidents Occur at These Venues

Injuries at games or big-ticket shows are often the result of:

  • Lack of security or inadequate security
  • Unruly, emotional, and violent fans
  • Trip and falls
  • Slip and falls
  • Defective premises
  • Parking lot injuries and fights
  • Alcohol service and consumption
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Falls from decks, down stairs, and off platforms
  • Pucks, baseballs, broken bats, etc. (per Bloomberg, foul balls injure 1,750 people per year)
  • Players, especially basketball, that run into fans
  • Terrorism

Injuries from these Accidents and Who’s at Fault

Big-ticket and sporting event injuries can include:  bruises, cuts, fractures and broken bones, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, including paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (like the high-profile Bryan Stow beating incident in Dodgers’ parking lot), and death.

Typically, a personal injury lawsuit for injuries arising at an event will be based on theories of negligence, premises liability, assault and battery, and others depending on whether a person’s conduct or the premises (or lack thereof) caused your injury.  As for incidents where the game itself caused an injury, such as when a baseball hits you, the law generally presumes that you’ve assumed the risk of the game, which means in many cases you may face an uphill battle, with certain exceptions.

Stadium, Arena and Public Event Injury Lawyers

To stand up to big sporting franchises and big-ticket events, you need to arm yourself with a powerhouse law firm that has over 30+ years handling accident injury cases that has the staff, resources, and award-winning personal injury lawyers to go toe-to-toe against anyone.

If you or a loved one is injured or worse, please call now for a free consultation at 800-818-1818. If there is no recovery, there is no fee!

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