The Dominguez Firm Celebrates USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative’s Class of 2018

When it comes to standing for the future of our community, The Dominguez Firm takes social responsibility as seriously as parents take their children’s education. We donate to organizations and institutions, and we’re present to congratulate them and celebrate their successes; to applaud their efforts and extend a helping hand, and this year is no exception.

Our firm has been a proud sponsor of the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative for many years. This amazing program helps children advance their intellectual capacity by giving them an extraordinary opportunity to learn and succeed at school. It also creates a safe space for students to feel, as they describe it, “as part of a family.” From the moment we heard about what NAI could do, we said YES to making a meaningful contribution, and we’ve been doing so, consistently.”

Not only have we assisted the program’s logistics from a financial standpoint, but also by making a difference in students’ lives, by offering higher education scholarships.

This month, we were invited to NAI’s Annual Gala & Awards to celebrate the Class of 2018, at Town & Gown of USC. We witnessed the enthusiasm with which students, teachers and parents gain from this innovative program. We were humbled by the stories of these families, and once again, we fell in love with our place in society. We’re grateful to be a part of the legal field where it’s possible for us to help so many deserving organizations like the NAI. It’s more than a privilege; it’s an honor.”

Our firm is known for a legacy of generosity, which began over three decades ago with our CEO and Managing Partner, attorney Juan J. Dominguez. Ever since we started winning cases for accident victims, we also started winning the hearts of the people of Southern California, and beyond, thanks to our contributions.

Juan J. Dominguez is not only a hugely successful and widely recognized lawyer. He’s also a proud father, and an active supporter of good causes, who takes pride in championing acts of kindness. Children’s wellbeing and their education are a top priority for Juan; just as it’s seeking justice for those who trust him to help them at their darkest hour. Being of service is part of Juan Dominguez’s DNA. It’s no wonder our firm is recognized for our community involvement. We’ve been there for those who need us, and not just in the court room. Our donations reach hundreds of families, every year.

NAI’s Gala & Awards’ most compelling memories will resonate with us, for years to come: the expressions of gratitude from parents and teachers; the generosity of so many other professionals; and above all, the happy faces of the scholars we support. Their smiles say, “Thank you, we won’t let you down,” and reaffirm our mission to stand for students and their education, more than ever before.

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