What You Need To Know About Unsafe Lane Changes

Learn about the dangers of unsafe lane changes, how to properly change lanes, and what to do if you’re the victim of someone’s dangerous lane change.

When you’re cruising on the 110, the 5, the 10, the 101, or any of our other highways and major roadways in Greater Los Angeles, sudden, unsafe lane changes aren’t just annoying, they can lead to catastrophic and deadly car accidents that not only aggravate traffic, but can change your life completely.

Vehicle Code section 22107 provides the framework for making a safe lane change. First, you have to make sure it’s safe to change lanes, which means you’ve checked your rear-view mirror, side view mirror, and blind spots for other vehicles either in the lane next to you or approaching in such a manner that if you change lanes you will hit them or cut them off. Secondly, you must use your turn signal, which alerts other drivers to your intentions so they can then account for your pending lane change.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are so careful and diligent. Unsafe lane changes can result in:

  • Collisions with other vehicles
  • Head on collisions with oncoming traffic
  • Crashes into guardrails, medians, and/or dividers
  • Crashes into objects, structures, trees, or ditches
  • Sudden swerving, causing you to collide with other vehicles or objects
  • Roll-overs from taking evasive action
  • Side swipe accidents
  • Spin outs
  • Serious and catastrophic injuries, including brain and spinal cord injury, orthopedic injury, organ injury, amputation and death

People often change lanes haphazardly or without much thought for other drivers because they are in a hurry, are distracted, expect others to avoid them, fail to check their blind spots, or in some cases are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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