Tips to Avoid Speeding Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Speed kills. It cannot be put more simply than that. In fact, studies show that speeding kills as many people as drunk drivers.
speeding car

The science behind a speeding accident is that speeding reduces a driver’s ability to perceive other cars and pedestrians as things come at them too fast for the eyes and brain to process. Moreover, the higher the rate of speed, the quicker decisions must be made and executed. Split second decisions at high rates of speed usually don’t end well for anyone as faster speeds mean increased forces at impact, which often result in more significant injuries, including death.

With so many people zipping around and speeding here in Greater Los Angeles and beyond, it can seem overwhelming if you’re the person driving at a safe speed wanting to remain injury free.

Driving Tips

In effort to help you, we’ve compiled some driving tips from Edmunds; California Highway Patrol; and the LAPD to help you avoid being the victim of someone else’s speeding:

  • Avoid the fast lane
  • Keep plenty of room between you and other cars
  • Keep eyes scanning the area ahead
  • Take extra time when your light turns green to make sure speeders aren’t flying through the intersection
  • Beware of blind spots
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go
  • Practice defensive driving techniques by checking your mirrors often, anticipating other driver’s movements, and using controlled braking rather than slamming your brakes

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