Common Injuries In Tailgating Accidents

Learn about the typical injuries resulting from rear-end collisions and how to maximize the recovery you deserve if you’ve suffered an auto injury accident from a tailgater.

Tailgating for a USC or UCLA football game is fun. Being tailgated by an overzealous driver as you head on the 5 or the 110 to get to the game, however, is not so fun, especially if it results in a rear-end collision. Simply put, drivers must maintain a safe distance from a vehicle in front of them considering the speeds of the vehicles and the conditions of the road. Failure to do so is tailgating. A rear-end vehicle accident can cause significant injuries up to and including death.

Common Injuries from Tailgating Rear-End Vehicle Accidents Include:

  1. Whiplash (neck injury) and low back injury: this is when the head is thrust backward then forward rapidly, pulling on the muscles, tendons, discs, and joints of the neck. Significant damage can occur to the fragile neck area even at lower speeds. Similarly, the low back can load up with forces during an accident and suffer injury to its structures as well.
  2. Traumatic Brain injury: this may occur when the head is thrust abruptly and violently and your brain slams against the inside of your skull, resulting in a concussion, brain bleeds, or worse. It may also occur when your head strikes any object inside your vehicle.
  3. Lower leg and hip injury: these occur when you lock out one or both legs in an attempt to brace against the impact. Hips can jam, ankles can sprain, and knees can be strained, resulting in ligament and tendon damage and in some cases fractures.
  4. Wrist, arm, and shoulder injury: the wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders are susceptible to tendon, ligament, muscles, and fractured bones when you lock out your arms or an air bag strikes them.
  5. Crush injury, severe injury, death: this is when a larger vehicle, like an 18-wheeler, hits you and intrudes into your vehicle or when the rear-end impact sends your vehicle into other vehicles or careening off the road or bridge.

Even at low speeds, the risk of injury may be high and can include long term impacts on your health as you have to live with the pain daily. Managing your injuries can take time, make you miss work, and cost a fortune, which is why you need a powerhouse law firm with award-winning Los Angeles car accident lawyers that have handled 1000s of personal injury and auto cases for over 30 years. We will aggressively investigate your accident, get you to the proper doctors, and engage the industry leading experts to maximize your recovery so you can focus on healing.

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