Trains are impressive, massive, and when they are involved in an accident, highly destructive. If you or loved one has been injured or killed in a train accident, whether as a passenger, in a vehicle, or as a pedestrian, you need a powerhouse law firm in your corner.

Train accidents come in many forms, such as:

  • Train versus train
  • Train versus pedestrian
  • Train versus vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle)
  • Single train accident (for example, derailing)
  • Terror attacks
  • And others

After a train injury accident, your road to justice and compensation will undoubtedly be winding and complex. Trains are classified as a “common carriers” in the eyes of the law and are held to higher duty of care. This, however, does not mean that the at-fault parties will simply pay for your injuries that they caused. This is why you need an aggressive and tactful train accident lawyer to take the fight to them.

As an example of the complexities, train accident investigations often involve multiple agencies, including Federal, State, and local, and can take weeks, months, if not years to reach a conclusion. Even then, the conclusions require careful vetting by an experienced train accident injury lawyer to ensure their accuracy.

Furthermore, targeting the correct parties is also a complex and important process, especially given the fact that potential at-fault parties can include the owner of the train, the operator of the train, the owner/lessor of the track, and on and on. In most instances, it is likely that private and public entities are involved, requiring a deft train accident injury lawyer to navigate the Government Tort Claims Act as it has special deadlines. When you mix in the various layers of insurance and the fact there are usually many plaintiffs, the issues with train accident lawsuits abound.

You only have one shot to recover the compensation you deserve to make sure you are financially secure to recover from your injuries. Do not trust just any lawyer to handle your claim.

The Dominguez Firm has 30 years of experience in the Greater Los Angeles area and has the train accident lawyers, staff, resources, and reputation to take the fight to the powerful train industry. Please do not hesitate to call us at 800-818-1818 to speak with an experienced train accident lawyer about your train accident. If there is no recovery, there is no fee!