The Dominguez Firm Introduces A New Shorter Number #HURT

The Dominguez Firm, a nationally recognized personal injury firm, announces its new phone number, #HURT (4878). This shorter phone number, for use exclusively on cellphones, will make it much easier for potential clients to call the firm directly for an immediate, free case consultation. A few quick taps on a cellphone keypad will instantly connect callers with a live representative. In addition, all #HURT calls are toll-free. Not to be confused with an SMS service, by calling #HURT, callers are not sending or waiting to receive a text message but are instead immediately calling and speaking with The Dominguez Firm directly.

The Dominguez Firm is one of the few law firms in California offering this innovative third-party technology. #HURT gives the public a much more straightforward way to call in and receive a case consultation, live and instantaneously. It eliminates the need to remember long 800 numbers or waste time searching for a phone number online. And for anyone who’s been injured in an accident or has a pressing legal matter, seconds and minutes can matter in their time of need. To that end, this emergent technology allows for faster dialing and recollection when contacting the firm after an accident.

The Dominguez Firm always strives to provide outstanding legal representation and customer service. With that in mind, giving callers options when contacting the firm is vital. For those who are more comfortable calling the traditional 800 number or who want to get in touch through The Dominguez Firm website, they can certainly still do that. The objective is to make it as easy as possible for the public to connect with whichever method they prefer to use.

The Dominguez Firm is a nationally recognized personal injury, workers’ compensation and employment law firm that has been successfully meeting the needs of accident victims for over 30 years. For a free and confidential case consultation, please call The Dominguez Firm at #HURT.

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