If you live in Riverside, California, you may enjoy the sunshine with a walk around the park or a bike ride through the city. However, a dreamy afternoon can quickly turn sour if a dog bites you or a loved one.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but canines can behave unpredictably in various situations. Many assume dog bites do not result in severe injury or give cause for a lawsuit, but depending on the dog’s size, their bite can leave lasting injuries that could alter the course of a dog bite victim’s life.

If you experience a dog bite injury in Riverside, California, a veteran dog bite lawyer at The Dominguez Firm can provide you with legal advice and help you build a strong dog bite case following a dog bite claim. For a free consultation, call us at 800-818-1818 and let our compassionate team fight for you to receive maximum compensation.

The Most Common Dog Bite Injuries

Contrary to popular belief, dog attacks can often result in serious, if not fatal, injuries. The most common injuries sustained by dog bite victims include:

  • Deep lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Rabies and infections, such as MRSA
  • Limb amputation
  • Brain injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Death

Many dog bite victims also suffer emotional trauma due to the attack, developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the wake of dog bite attacks.

These conditions can prove costly in terms of medical costs and lost wages. The psychological effects of a dog bite injury can last months or even years after the fact. Some dog bite victims require therapy services to feel safe following dog bite incidents.

Riverside dog bite attorneys can help with the filing of dog bite claims and negotiate with insurance companies to help you earn compensation that could cover expenses you incur during this stressful time. With a professional on your side, you may find some relief as you navigate the complex legal process.

What Should I Do Following a Dog Bite Injury?

If you experience a dog or animal attack, know that your safety is the top priority. Immediately after the dog bite accident, you should seek medical attention for your injuries and secure your safety. Most dog bites don’t penetrate the skin too deeply, but these wounds can quickly become infected and develop into something worse. Avoid potentially life-threatening infections by seeking immediate medical treatment before considering legal action.

Once an authorized physician deems it safe for you to do so, you may begin gathering the information you need to present to a Riverside lawyer. As you prepare to contact an attorney, consider taking the following steps that are necessary in dog bite cases:

  1. Take photos of the injuries you sustained, as well as the location the attack occurred. Specifically, keep an eye out for any conditions that could have made it easier for the dog to bite you, such as a broken fence or an excessively long chain. These details can add value to your case and further implicate the dog’s owner.
  2. Write down the information of the dog owner and any contact information for witnesses of the event. Your lawyer may want to speak with them later to gather more information about the circumstances of your attack.
  3. Keep a detailed record of your medical expenses and lost wages. This record will come in handy later when negotiating compensation for costs you incur following the incident.
  4. Report the attack to Animal Control Services and file a report with the police. Doing so can establish the dog’s aggressive history in case of future episodes.
  5. Finally, seek out dog bite lawyers to help you determine if you have a case. Your lawyer can help you begin the process of seeking financial compensation.

As you track your expenses, take time to note your physical and emotional condition as well. Are you able to work? Can you perform daily tasks? The magnitude of your injuries and the ways they affect your everyday life will play a critical role in determining the value of your case, as well as the maximum compensation you might receive.

Diligently track these changes in your health and share the information with your dog bite attorney. At The Dominguez Firm, we will fight relentlessly for the financial compensation you require in your time of need.

How Does the Law Address Dog Bites?

The state of California maintains strict liability, which means dog owners cannot avoid liability with claims of ignorance about their dog’s aggressive behavior. Moreover, in California, a dog bite victim has specific legal rights and does not carry the burden of proof in dog bite cases. Even if there is evidence that the owner tried to prevent the bite, the owner remains liable.

Riverside, CA law further breaks down the specifics. Under Riverside’s Title 8, owners must restrain their dogs on their property, and the chain that tethers them must not extend to a length that allows the dog to reach pedestrians walking by.

Beyond keeping dogs tethered on the property, dog owners must take full responsibility if a dog is deemed “vicious” following a bite or attack. The owner must attend obedience training with their dog, purchase liability insurance following the initial attack, and accept responsibility for preventing future bites.

Title 8 makes exceptions to strict liability for animals on official duties, such as police or military dogs. Likewise, California law does not require dog owners to maintain a property deemed safe for trespassers. A trespasser is someone who enters private property without consent.

Suppose a dog bites a trespasser while they are unlawfully entering the owner’s property. In that case, the dog owner is exempt from strict liability, and the trespasser loses the protection of their legal rights as a victim of a dog attack.

How a Riverside Dog Bite Attorney Can Help You

Luckily, most dog attacks are not fatal. However, medical complications can prove much more severe in injuries such as penetrative wounds, broken bones, and nerve damage. Many injuries caused by dog bites require long-term medical care, and the expenses from surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments can add up over time.

In the United States, most dog bite cases involve a dog the victim knows, and it can feel intimidating to pursue legal action against someone you know or love. An experienced dog bite attorney can help you file a lawsuit to seek reimbursement without personally involving you or the dog owner in the process.

Your lawyer can take the necessary steps to file and establish your case without unnecessary hassle or stress. Navigating such a serious legal matter on your own may feel frightening, but the Riverside attorneys with The Dominguez Firm can present your legal options and help you seek compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical bills, including future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capabilities
  • Emotional/psychological trauma
  • Permanent disability/impairment
  • Property damage

A dedicated Riverside lawyer will account for all of your needs during negotiations and help you fight for maximum financial recovery. Your attorney will handle the complex legal process so you can focus on healing and returning to your everyday life.

Dog bite accidents are often traumatic events, but you can save yourself further stress and enlist the help of a Riverside dog bite attorney as you endeavor to receive fair compensation.

Contact An Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer — Riverside CA

If you have experienced dog bite injuries in Riverside, CA, an experienced dog bite attorney at The Dominguez Firm can help you file a claim and fight for fair compensation.

A dog bite injury is a profoundly frightening and traumatic experience, and circumstances are only worsened by increasing medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses — not to mention the emotional toll such an attack takes on the victim. It can take weeks, months, or even years to fully recover. Some victims do not fully recover and end up permanently disfigured or disabled due to the attack.

Our law firm strives to give clients a compassionate attorney-client relationship as they navigate this challenging experience. We offer our clients our full attention and care, and our firm works through contingency fees, which means you pay nothing unless we win your case.

With a 96% success rate, our law firm fights tirelessly for each of our clients to help them receive maximum compensation. We will engage with insurance companies on your behalf, fighting to get you every last cent you are entitled to under the law.

We understand how stressful it is to engage in legal matters following such a terrifying encounter. As you nurse your injuries and try to recover your strength, you may hesitate to take legal action at all. Trust that our accomplished dog bite attorneys will tend to your legal and financial needs through this complicated process. We will take all measures necessary to assist you as we build your personal injury case.

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