If you’re a construction worker, your odds of being seriously injured on the job are much higher compared to most other workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the construction sector make up 3 of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America. This includes general construction workers, roofers, and structural iron and steel workers.

If you or a loved one were injured in a construction accident in Riverside, you don’t have to deal with medical expenses and lost wages alone. Call The Dominguez Firm right away for a free consultation at 800-818-1818. Below you’ll find more information on your rights and why it’s so important to hire a construction accident lawyer right away.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Riverside Construction Accident Injury?

Most of us have no experience with legal claims, document filings, insurance companies, and negotiating. Having to deal with any of this while recovering from a serious construction accident injury isn’t just stressful, it can also end up costing you a lot. Defense attorneys will do everything they can to reduce or even dismiss your workers compensation claim. This is especially true if you don’t have an attorney by your side. Instead, let The Dominguez Firm handle your claim.

Our skilled personal injury lawyers are up to date on the latest laws and regulations pertaining to construction accident injuries. They also have ample experience investigating construction accident sites effectively. Just as importantly, we have the resources to successfully see your claim through to the end. This includes expert witnesses and an in-house team of successful trial attorneys.

Choosing a small firm or a personal injury attorney with limited resources is a bad idea. They may not have enough experience with this complex area of the law. Also, they may settle your claim for less because they can’t afford to take your case to trial if needed. If you suffered permanent or catastrophic injuries, it’s no exaggeration to say that this tactic could cost you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

What Are the Most Common Types of Construction Accidents?

Construction workers are routinely surrounded by heavy equipment, hazardous materials, trucks, and building materials. Some work hundreds of feet in the air. Even with every safety precaution in place, accidents can and do happen. These accidents can cause severe injuries and even kill.

Here are some of the most common types of construction accidents:

Equipment-related accidents – Working near cranes, forklifts and other heavy equipment and machinery is never completely safe. Rollovers and equipment malfunction can easily put everyone nearby in danger.

Falls – This is one of the leading causes of death on construction sites. Workers have been injured or killed falling from higher elevations, roofs and even ladders.

Electrocutions – Exposed high voltage wiring is common on construction sites. Workers who come into contact with these wires can suffer burns or be killed instantly.

Falling objects – All falling object, from some bricks to a hammer can be dangerous and cause serious injuries to someone unfortunate enough to be working below.

Struck-by hazardsOSHA defines struck-by hazards as “Struck-by injuries are produced by forcible contact or impact between the injured person and an object or piece of equipment.” An example would be a worker who is hit by a swinging beam that wasn’t secured properly. Being hit by a truck or other vehicle on the construction site is also considered a struck-by injury.

Caught in or between hazards –Caught in or between hazards happen when a construction worker is caught between two objects. They may be struck by one, for example, a crane and then pinned to a another, such as a wall.

These are just some of the most common types of construction site accidents. There are many more, and The Dominguez Firm, has handled just about every kind of claim possible.

What Are the Most Common Construction Accident Injuries?

Construction accident injuries can be catastrophic and sometimes permanent. It can leave a victim with a temporary or permanent disability. In more extreme cases, the victim can be killed. Certain injuries are more frequent amongst construction workers.

Broken bones – One of the best known causes of broken bones are falls. But falling equipment and heavy machinery that malfunctions or is used improperly can also lead to a broken bone.

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions – Falls, falling objects and strike-bys can easily cause a brain injury.

Paralysis – Falls can also result in permanent damage to the spinal cord. The victim may suffer partial or total paralysis.

Burns – Working around flammable materials or live wires on a construction site can cause burn injuries.

Crush injuries – These happen when a body part is pinned between two objects.

Amputations – Victims who suffer crush injuries must sometimes have the injured limb amputated.

What Steps Should I Take If I’m Injured on the Job?

First, seek medical attention. Even if you think you can just shake it off, don’t. As with car accidents, you may have had an adrenaline rush which masks any pain. You could also have dangerous internal injuries and not realize it. In the case of a serious injury, call 911 right away or have someone call for you.

Document everything having to do with your accident. Once you are able to, write down how you think the accident happened. Take photos of your injury and if possible, where it happened. The sooner you can do this, the better. See if there were any witnesses as well. Then, keep all medical records in a safe place. Any documents from your employer and the insurance company should be saved too.

File a report with your employer. Any employer with more than one employee is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in California. And since it is a construction site, they’re well-versed with employee injury reports. Be aware that they can’t retaliate against you for filing a WC report either. If they don’t carry workers’ compensation, you can still sue them via a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact The Dominguez Firm immediately. Don’t wait to contact us. Ideally, contact us before or when you file your injury report with your employer. Waiting can harm your claim. The more time you let pass, the weaker your claim becomes for various reasons:

  • Construction accident claims are complex. The sooner we can get started, the better.
  • If you wait, attorneys for the insurance company will question the extent of your injuries
  • Vital evidence can be lost and you can lose contact with any witnesses if you wait.

Unethical employers and their insurance companies may tell you it’s easier to work things out without any lawyers. Don’t fall for that. They are just trying to pay you less for your injuries.

Can More Than One Person or Company be Responsible for My Injury?

If a third party, that is someone who does not work for your employer caused your construction injury, you can sue them. This is considered a third-party personal injury claim. You can file two claims, one for workers’ compensation since you were injured on the job and the third-party claim. Common third party defendants for a construction accident injury can be:

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Drivers
  • Equipment operators
  • Property owners

The Dominguez Firm has the distinction of being one of the few personal injury law firms that handles  workers’ compensation and third-party claims for its clients. You don’t have to worry about dealing with two law firms and all of the complications that can entail. Instead, we can work on both claims for you in-house efficiently and effectively.

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