One of the most important decisions during your car accident personal injury case in Los Angeles is knowing when you should settle your car accident lawsuit or take it all the way through a jury trial.
settle a car accident lawsuit

While this may seem like a risk, reward analysis at the moment you are presented with a settlement offer, the truth is the value of your case for settlement is directly related to the car accident lawyer you hire and their reputation at trial.

What is fair and reasonable?

This choice to settle or take your case to trial is easiest when the other side does not offer any or very little compensation.

But what do you do when you have what appears to be a good settlement figure on the table? Again, this is where having the experience and expertise of a top Los Angeles auto injury lawyer is critical because what might seem like a nice compensation package is really not that great at all.

A well-seasoned auto accident attorney can determine if a settlement offer is appropriate or if it’s a low-ball offer.

Only an experienced auto accident lawyer in the Greater Los Angeles area can properly assess whether a settlement offer is fair and reasonable. You want someone who has evaluated thousands of cases and can best predict the outcome of your case by your side to guide you through the decision making process.

While no outcome is guaranteed, attorneys with decades of experience and thousands of car accident cases under their belts are best situated to foresee what might happen at a settlement conference and/or a trial.

Insurance company settlements

Often times, when big insurance companies think a lawyer is either too small time or too scared to take a case to trial, they will feel that they have the upper-hand and will try to force you take a small settlement.

Insurance companies that feel the threat of a powerhouse law firm that has powerful, award winning attorneys will likely be more willing to settle your case for more money to avoid the risk of going to trial and getting hit with a big verdict.

That is why it is important to have a well-funded, powerhouse personal injury firm on your side that has achieved multi-million dollar verdicts at trial. When an insurance company sees that your attorneys can afford to take a case to trial and are confident with their courtroom skill, then that will often result in higher settlement offers as a trial may be far too risky for the insurance company.

Need help deciding whether to settle or go to trial?

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