You’re driving down the highway, paying attention to the road and other drivers when all of a sudden someone changes lanes right in front of you without signaling. Or you’re on a side street and a child runs into the road or a bicyclist blows through a stop sign unexpectedly. In either scenario, you are forced to swerve to avoid a collision and you crash – what now?
swerve and crash

In California and other states, when swerving causes you to crash, it is known to insurance companies as a “non-contact, single car accident” or a “phantom driver accident” because no one hit you and, in many cases, the other driver didn’t stop.

If you’re involved in a swerving crash here in Greater Los Angeles, here are some things you can do to try to protect your rights:

  • Get the other driver’s license plate number and/or a description of the vehicle (make, model, color, older/newer)
  • Find witnesses and get their information if possible
  • Call and report the accident to the police immediately and wait for them
  • Make sure the police speak with witnesses and insist on police finding the other vehicle
  • Seek immediate medical attention

These are very complex legal cases that will certainly necessitate an experienced Los Angeles auto accident lawyer in your corner to help you navigate your options. For example, if the other vehicle stops and they admit fault, your auto injury lawyer may be able to make a personal injury claim through their car insurance. If the other vehicle vanishes, which happens more times than not, then, depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to recover under your own “uninsured motorist” part of your policy. The major hurdle to this is the “no physical contact” rule under Insurance Code 11580.2, which essentially bars uninsured motorist claims when the other vehicle does not physically touch your car.

As you can see, these types of cases are often uphill, complex battles. By engaging a powerhouse law firm with aggressive auto injury lawyers here in Los Angeles, you can rest assured we will work tirelessly to fight for you and to investigate all aspects of your case to seek redress for your wrong.

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