Learn what to do if you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run accident and what you can do to seek compensation if someone crashes into you and then flees the scene.

Here in Greater Los Angeles, getting in a car accident is unfortunately almost a rite of passage.  If the unfortunate happens, you at least hope the person follows the law, stops to check on you and swaps information.  It’d even be nice if they had adequate insurance coverage to pay for your injuries, repairs to your car, and for the disruption to your life and work.

But what if the car that crashes into you flees the scene?  Can you still recover damages after you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run?  The best answer is: it depends.

What Are Your Recovery Options?

Hit and runs can happen to cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, bicyclists, or pedestrians.  Recovery after a hit and run accident depends on whether:

  • There’s enough information to catch the assailant and if they have insurance (they usually don’t, which may be why they fled); or
  • You have Uninsured Motorist (UM) and/or Under Insured Motorist (UIM) coverage on your insurance policy;
  • Your insurance has “medical pay” coverage; and/or
  • There are other parties that might be at-fault

By far, the most realistic road to recovery after a hit-and-run injury accident is if you have UM/UIM coverage.  UM/UIM coverage is usually an additional charge on your automobile insurance coverage, but it can be a life saver, literally, if you are injured in an accident and have no other option for redress.  UM/UIM coverage essentially steps into the shoes of the person that hurt you, allowing you to seek financial recovery and redress.  The only catch is that you must prove physical contact between the hit-and-run vehicle and you or your car.

California Vehicle Hit and Run Accident Tips

If you’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident, follow these steps:

  • Write down any identifying information (make, model, color, year, license plate)
  • Notify the police asap and with luck they can chase down the assailant
  • Document the scene, including looking for surveillance cameras that might have captured the accident
  • Immediately locate eye witnesses
  • Enlist the expertise of an experienced hit-and-run accident injury attorney

Consult an Experienced Los Angeles Law Firm for Your Hit and Run Auto Accident

To best understand what options are available to you, it is always best to speak with an expert car accident lawyer. Engaging a law firm with the resources and investigative prowess to locate witnesses and possibly a surveillance video that can lead to the identity of the assailant or other potential at-fault parties is critical.  We have recovered over $500,000,000 for injury victims and have aggressive, highly-skilled, and award-wining trial lawyers to fight for your rights.  Call us for a no cost case evaluation:  800-818-1818.  If there’s no recovery, there’s no fee!

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