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When A Faulty Repair Causes A Vehicle Accident

Learn how faulty repairs lead to accidents, how to prove liability against a negligent mechanic, and what it takes to win your vehicle accident lawsuit.

In Greater Los Angeles we rely on our vehicles to get to work, school, beaches, a Dodgers game, Disneyland and beyond.  In turn, we rely on our auto mechanics to repair our cars, SUV’s, trucks, and motorcycles to keep us up and running.  When we take our cars in for service we expect them to be returned to us in perfect shape.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Tips to Avoid Accident Due to Faulty Repairs

Faulty repairs, whether negligent or intentional, include deficient mechanical repairs, issues with wiring and hoses, improper parts replacement, reassembling failures, and other similar problems.

To avoid this nightmare, here are some tips to select a reputable, top-notch auto mechanic:

By starting off with a top-quality mechanic you should be okay, but if you suffer an auto accident after a repair job, it’s vital to first seek immediate medical attention then enlist the help of a powerhouse Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Proving How the Auto Accident Happened Due to Faulty Repair

In our civil justice system, the burden of proof is on the injured party and proving a negligent repair caused your auto accident is a complex process where you must:

  • Prove the repair was indeed faulty
  • Prove a causal link between the faulty repair and your accident
  • Prove a link between your faulty repair auto accident and your injuries

If, instead of a faulty repair, the accident was caused by defect, click here to read our article of what you can do if you’re involved in an accident due to defect or recall.

Consult with an Expert Faulty Repair Accident Attorney

These can be difficult cases that require thorough investigation, fact-finding, and the resources to obtain the best auto mechanic legal experts that can reconstruct your accident, inspect your vehicle, and review your repair records.  Also, if a part was defective, it may necessitate a product liability lawsuit to seek redress.  At-fault parties could include the repair shop, the mechanic, the part designer, manufacturer, and distributor.

If you or your family member has been injured or killed in a car accident, our award-winning car accident lawyers stand ready to champion your fight.  Our firm has a 30+ years of experience and has recovered over $500,000,000 for our clients.  If you don’t win, you don’t pay.  Call now for a free case consultation at 800-818-1818.

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