When a massive, wrought-iron gate came off its rolling track and crushed our client, Ms. Reina Castro, she turned to The Dominguez Firm to ensure she received the justice and compensation she deserved for incurring catastrophic injuries.

On the fateful day, Ms. Castro worked as a security guard during a production of “Criminal Minds” that was being filmed at a run-down car wash owned by Bang Deok. ABC Studios leased the property from Bang for the shoot and the contract between Bang and ABC specified that ABC was to cover Bang for accidents that arose during the production of the show. In turn, Bang promised that the premises were provided in a safe condition.

Ms. Castro was severely injured when a gate she worked near was being closed and, because a mandatory rubber stopper was not in place, the gate rolled off its track, tipped over, and crushed Ms. Castro with immense force. As a result of being crushed by a gate that weighed over 1,000 pounds, Ms. Castro suffered a fractured left humerus (upper arm) and left tibial plateau as well as an avulsion tear of her ACL and a peripheral tear of her meniscus. She underwent surgery to repair her tibial fracture, which was just the beginning of a complicated recovery that included over 40 medical appointments and numerous other surgeries.

Now, as is often the case, despite the fact the gate lacked the mandatory stopper and was therefore a dangerous condition on the property, both defendants refused to take responsibility. Bang swore up and down that it never used the gate and therefore it considered the gate to be a “fence” and not subject to the statutes and regulations that govern gates. ABC put the blame on Bang, citing to the contract that Bang promised that its property was safe.

When defendants refuse to take responsibility for their actions, you need a powerhouse law firm that has the resources, reputation, and know-how to take the fight to them in a courtroom before a judge and a jury. Without experienced, skillful trial lawyers, you are at the mercy of a jury who can easily be persuaded by well-funded defense firms.

Trials are complex and therefore necessitate a savvy and confident personal injury attorney to prepare, strategize, and present the case to the jury in a compelling, easy to follow format that will evoke sympathy. It is no easy task and fortunately we have some of the best trial lawyers in Greater Los Angeles, California, and beyond, to take your case all the way.

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