Our hands are some of the most complex and intricate tools in the world. We use them for everything all day long. They allow us to work, to play, and to connect with others, whether to shake someone’s hand, pick up your child, or hug a loved one. Minor hand injuries can slow you down and major hand injuries can totally change your life.

Hand injuries can come in many forms and can arise from:

  • Traumatic accidents;
  • Vehicular accidents;
  • Repetitive movements;
  • Nerve damage in your hand, arm, shoulder, and spine;
  • Electrocutions;
  • Burns;
  • Illnesses;
  • Reaction to medications or toxins;
  • And many other sources.

Also, it’s oftentimes the case that your hand injury is just one of many other injuries incurred from an accident and it can impede your overall rehabilitation, like in instances where you need to use crutches but cannot because of your hand.

Because a hand is made up of many muscles, nerves, and tendons that are often small or microscopic, hand injuries must be tended to with the utmost care. Not only can a diagnosis and prognosis take a long time to determine, but oftentimes, treatment can take many months if not longer and may include surgery and significant rehabilitation.

Whatever the source of your hand injury may be, whether work related or caused by a third party, The Dominguez Firm has the knowledge, reputation, and resources to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Having healthy, fully functional hands is too valuable to trust your hand injury case to just any lawyer. You need skilled hand injury lawyers to ensure you not only get great representation in and out of court, but also so that you get the treatment you deserve.

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