The Winner of The Dominguez Firm’s Spring 2022 Collegiate Scholarship is Bryant Then

Scholarship Winner Collegiate

Bryant Then, a student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ is the winner of The Dominguez Firm’s 2022 spring Collegiate Scholarship award. Bryant’s perseverance and excellence in the face of several setbacks including several family illnesses made him stand out in our eyes.

J.J. Dominguez created the Collegiate and Legal Scholarships to help promising students continue their educations regardless of their background. These scholarships have evolved into a biannual award for deserving undergraduate and law school students. For 2022 we received many outstanding applications that told personal accounts of excellence and determination. For that, we thank every one of you that applied and told us your life stories. Frankly, it was difficult to choose just two winners for the spring. In the end, we went back and forth over multiple strong applications before finally deciding on this semester’s winners.

Bryant’s application gave us insight into his life, the difficulties he faced growing up and how he not only overcame them but was able to move forward and make an impact. Incredibly, even with the obstacles he faced, his mindset was focused on how to help others. First, he began volunteering for Fresh For All, which distributes food for people in need in his area. Then he started his own marketing company, Brylliant Marketing which provides promotional videos and photography for a variety of businesses. He did all this while maintaining a full academic load and outstanding grades in college. We can say without hesitation that Bryant is an innovative thinker who not only strives to better himself, but those around him as well. We’re very excited to see what the future holds for him.

When told he was the recipient of The Dominguez Firm Collegiate scholarship, Bryant stated, “I am so excited and very grateful to be the recipient of The Dominguez Firm Collegiate Scholarship. I accept this award with extreme honor. It’s such a great thing to have support behind me as I put myself out there into the world.” We know Bryant will continue to do well for himself and others in the future.

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