The Dominguez Firm’s Spring 2021 Collegiate Scholarship Winner

Spring 2021 Collegiate Scholarship

The Dominguez Firm, a personal injury firm based in Southern California is excited to announce that it has selected Luis Moros as the recipient of its Spring 2021 Collegiate Scholarship. We received many worthy entries, but Luis’ stood out, even in a sea of exceptional candidates.

J.J. Dominguez, Founder and CEO of The Dominguez Firm continues his commitment to encouraging deserving students as they pursue their dreams of a higher education. Mr. Dominguez firmly believes that students with outstanding academic records and a history of activism within their communities should be able to attend college, regardless of their financial situation.

Luis Moros’ academic achievements certainly impressed us. However, it was his incredible ability to not just overcome but thrive despite the incredibly difficult circumstances he found himself in that most caught our attention. Born in Venezuela, Luis and his family were forced to flee when the political situation became dangerous for them. From this traumatic situation, Luis soon found himself thrust into a new, unfamiliar environment in the U.S. He arrived without knowing any English and soon experienced extreme culture shock.

Yet, not only did Luis persevere, he was proactive in his quest to adapt to his new life in the U.S.  First, he worked hard to improve his English and never stopped concentrating on his studies. Then he used his newfound experience to create the nonprofit organization We the People to help recent immigrants to the U.S. adapt to their new country. Perhaps his most poignant achievement was helping to collect over $8,000 in school supplies for at-need students in his native Venezuela.

Today, Luis is a student at Florida International University. He is pursuing his dream of becoming an attorney and dedicating himself to public service. His goal is to fight for the rights of the immigrant community, “The Dominguez Law Firm Collegiate Scholarship demonstrates that the American Dream is possible. Winning this scholarship allows me to represent Latin families as a role model. Without a doubt, I am not here to represent myself, but to be a liaison that helps creates leaders, not followers.”

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