The Dominguez Firm Proudly Names Camerina Aguilar as the Winner of the Fall 2023 Collegiate Scholarship

Camerina Aguilar Collegiate Scholarship WInner

The Dominguez Firm proudly selects Camerina-Elena Aguilar as the recipient of its Fall 2023 Collegiate Scholarship. Camerina’s remarkable journey from personal struggles to becoming an inspirational advocate for mental and physical well-being has deeply resonated with our mission to support and empower exceptional students working to create positive change.

Camerina’s resilience and determination shined through not only through her determination to overcome adversity, but also to act and help others in a similar situation. Her journey ignited her passion to promote mental health awareness and recovery. Through her dedication and self-discovery, she found purpose in helping her peers navigate similar challenges, transforming their collective struggles into a shared road towards support and growth.

Her commitment to serving her community extended beyond her peers, as Camerina recognized the disparities faced by underserved communities in relation to food insecurity. Her involvement with the Children’s Hunger Fund exemplifies her dedication to providing access to nourishment and addressing the roots of disordered eating within vulnerable populations.

As she embarks on her academic journey majoring in psychology at California State University Long Beach, The Dominguez Firm is excited to assist her in her vision. “This scholarship will help me achieve my future educational and life goals in which I can empower others through a career in mental health. I am very grateful for this opportunity provided by The Dominguez Firm, thank you!”  she said. We applaud Camerina’s incredible work towards making a meaningful impact.

The Dominguez Firm is honored to acknowledge Camerina Aguilar’s incredible work and her commitment to making a meaningful difference. Her dedication aligns seamlessly with the core values of our Founder and CEO, Attorney J.J. Dominguez, who established this scholarship. We are confident that her pursuit of education and service will continue to bring transformative change to countless lives. All of us at the firm extend our warmest congratulations to Camerina and support her in her mission to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

If you would like to apply for our 2024 Spring Collegiate or Legal Scholarships, we encourage you to visit our scholarship page. For those that did apply for the fall 2023 scholarships, thank you. We were humbled by the record number of applications we received. Furthermore, rest assured that The Dominguez Firm is committed to continuing its tradition of fostering higher education for promising students looking to make a difference.

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