The Dominguez Firm is Honored to Announce Caedmon Tidwell as its Spring 2023 Collegiate Scholar

The Dominguez Firm has chosen Caedmon Tidwell as the winner of its Collegiate Scholarship for the Spring of 2023. Currently a senior in high school, he will be entering Texas A&M University as a freshman later this year. We congratulate him on his selection and know we’ll be hearing about his meaningful humanitarian work in the future.

First, thank you to everyone that applied. We received submissions from all over the country. Many of you wrote about your tireless efforts on behalf of others, even while carrying a full load at school and working. Others inspired us with your personal stories of overcoming great obstacles. We were rightfully impressed and encouraged by all of you. It may sound like a cliché, but we truly did have trouble selecting just one winner among so many deserving students.

Caedmon Tidwell’s evocative essay describing his work in the country of Zambia touched us deeply. Born in South Africa, he was raised in Zambia where his US-born parents established and ran an orphanage. When he was 13, they returned to the United States, specifically Texas where he excelled in academics, sports and theater. Caedmon thrived in his new home, however, a return trip to Zambia at 17 made him realize his heart would always be in Africa.

Helping Zambians build safe quality structures using local materials and advanced construction knowledge is at the top of Caedmon’s plans upon graduation, “I am so grateful to receive the scholarship from your firm to further my education at Texas A&M University this fall. Your generosity not only affects me, but it will affect those that I plan to serve using my Construction Science degree in the overseas mission field in the future. Thank you for your very generous gift. God bless you!”

Judging by the number of applications we received for our collegiate and legal spring scholarships, we realize there has never been a greater need to support higher education. Rest assured, our Founder and CEO, J.J. Dominguez is steadfastly committed to continuing our tradition of offering these scholarships twice a year. Students interested in applying for the Fall 2023 Collegiate and Legal scholarships are encouraged to visit our scholarship page for more information.

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