The Dominguez Firm Celebrates the Special Olympics Southern California Summer Games

There’s nothing more inspirational than the stories of courageous people who take life into their own hands and nurture it to be filled with passion and purpose. The Special Olympics bring to life the very essence of celebrating determination, strength, motivation and joy with everyone, in a unique experience wrapped in the smiles of athletes who tell us, “We’re doing it!”

Every day, The Dominguez Firm gets to be a much-needed helping hand for good people, to whom unfortunate things happen. Yet we go beyond the legal field to extend our firm’s legacy of generosity and good will and share our success with others. When we started donating to the Special Olympics Southern California, we knew this amazing organization was also giving back, by offering us a humbling opportunity to feed our hearts with even more motivation.

The Dominguez Firm is known for its unyielding commitment to excellence and valuing the dignity of individuals. It’s a daily task we embrace with humility. The diligent work of our accident lawyers involves listening carefully to the stories of those who need a voice to help them in their darkest hours; just as the Special Olympics creates new lifelines for families in need by offering meaningful resources. In the process of helping others, we have recognized that The Dominguez Firm and the Special Olympics share similar missions through our efforts in giving back to the community.

When we learned our firm’s CEO and Managing Partner, attorney Juan J. Dominguez, would be recognized as an Honored Guest of the Special Olympics Southern California Summer Games, our firm welcomed the special moment with an outpouring of support for the organization which does wonders. Not only does it help those who need it most, but it also inspires the community with vital efforts by selflessly collaborating with other organizations.

Having Juan at the Games reaffirmed our purpose in serving the community with greater responsibility and professionalism, which we strive in doing every day. The Dominguez Firm has a voice, a solid presence in the community and a big heart. We’re here to share it with those who are doing good, their best, and are great at it. Count on our hardworking team to help people in need, and people who help.

The Games are bound to open the path to many more to pass on the Olympic torch of joy. Above all, to express their understanding that one doesn’t have to live life in fear of not being ready for it. We’re here for a reason, for the athletes and their families, and for everyone who is in favor of social good. Moreover, we’ll be at The Games for, and with, a purpose: to make kindness win!

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