Causes of Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles

Causes of Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles

Drivers owe a duty to others and themselves to drive within the bounds of the law, to be observant, to be safe, and to operate their vehicles in a way that will not endanger others and cause accidents. When a driver breaches this duty, by failing to do something, and they cause an accident, they are considered to be at-fault, or liable, for the car traffic accident.
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Failure to …

Drivers that fail or breach their duty and cause other people injuries should be held accountable through a car injury accident lawsuit. Below are 22 of the most common driver failures that result in traffic accidents in Los Angeles:

  1. Failure to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
  2. Failure to keep your eyes on the road (distracted driving)
  3. Failure to keep both hands-on wheel (texting, eating, and doing other things while driving)
  4. Failure to obey the speed limit
  5. Failure to drive at a speed that is safe for the road condition, especially during weather events, construction zones, and areas of heavy congestion
  6. Failure to obey traffic controls like traffic signals, stop signs, lane closures, and others
  7. Failure to know the right of ways
  8. Failure to safely enter a roadway in a 3-way or 4-way intersection or from a driveway
  9. Failure to make sure there’s enough space and time to make a safe left turn
  10. Failure to reverse safely to avoid obstacles
  11. Failure to safely back out into traffic from a driveway
  12. Failure to be rested before you take the wheel
  13. Failure to brake in time
  14. Failure to yield to other vehicles that have the right of way
  15. Failure to anticipate hazards and other movements of other vehicles
  16. Failure to signal
  17. Failure to use headlights
  18. Failure to give yourself enough time to get to your destination, resulting in aggressive driving
  19. Failure to drive defensively
  20. Failure to have a clean windshield or functioning windshield wipers and fluid
  21. Failure to have properly inflated tires
  22. Failure to have a properly functioning engine, brakes, steering, and other mechanical systems on and in your vehicle

If you or a loved one has been the victim of another driver’s failure to drive their vehicle in a safe and appropriate manner, then you are entitled to justice and compensation. We have over 30 years of experience in Greater Los Angeles handling every type of car, truck, and motorcycle accident you can think of. We have the staff, resources, reputation, and skilled traffic accident lawyers that will take care of every detail of your accident and fight for you in a court of law all the way through trial if necessary.

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