b'WORK INJURY LAWEXCLUSIVE REMEDY WChasitsowncourtcalledtheWorkers WC is an employees exclusive remedy forCompensationAppealsBoard(WCAB)where aworkplaceinjury,death,orillness,whichWCjudgesandadministrativelawjudges meansthatinexchangeforprovidingWC(ALJ)makedecisionsaboutdisputesthat insurance and coverage, employees are notarise out of your WC case.Disputes can vary, allowedtofileacivillawsuit(withcertainbut they typically focus on medical treatment exceptionshighlighted below) against theirdecisionsanddisabilityratings.ALJsalso employer for any injuries, death, or illnessesapprove the settlement at the end of a case. If that arise out of the employment. necessary, ALJs decisions are reviewed by the Reconsideration Unit of the WCAB. WC VS CIVIL COURT SYSTEM EMPLOYMENT REPERCUSSIONThe WC system and the civil court system are two completely separate systems.However,It is against the law for employers to punish youarepermittedtosuethird-parties,andorterminateyouforfilingaWCclaim. evenyouremployerdirectly,incertainUnfortunately,bad-actingemployersmay circumstances in civil court at the same timeretaliateordiscriminateagainstyoufor your WC case is ongoing (see below for morereporting an injury or illness as well as for filing a details). WC claim.This is known as a Labor Code 132a violation and opens the door for you to make In civil court, people often think of winningan additional claim against your employer for or losing their case as the plaintiff havingretaliation and/or discrimination. An employer to prove liability against at-fault parties.Inmust hold your job or an equivalent position WC,becauseitisano-faultsystem,thisfor you to return to and also must engage in componentdoesnotexist.Instead,WCa process to reasonably accommodate you if focuses on your injuries or illness, and yourpossibleifyourinjuriesorillnessespreclude ability to work.The battle in the WC arenayoufromreturningtothesameorsimilar isbetweenyou,theapplicantwhoneedsposition you left. benefits,andthedefendantinsurance companythatoftenwantstolimityour benefits.9800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'