b'WORK INJURY LAWINTRODUCTIONBENEFITS YOU DESERVEWhen you or a loved one is injured, killed,For these reasons and others, it is critical that or becomes ill as a result of your job, theyou have experienced legal representation on WorkersCompensation(WC)systemisyour side; a team who knows the WC system supposedtobetheretohelpyoureturninside and out, that can help you maximize the tohealth,payforyourbills,andprovidebenefits the law provides, and that can fight disability payments. Sounds great, right? Inback against insurance companies.theory, yes. But, theres a catch.Forstarters,theWCsystemcanbe overwhelmingandconfusing,notto mention difficult to navigate.It is also full ofunfamiliarterms,acronyms,andlegalThis resource guide will jargon that sounds like its own languageinform you about the at times. To some, it might seem the WClaws, your rights, and system is designed to prevent injured or illyour legal remedies.employees from getting the benefits they are entitled to. Yourhardworkmakesyouremployer Secondly,andperhapsmoreimportantly,money, so you need to make sure you are in many WC cases, the process becomestaken care of if the unthinkable happens quiteadversarialasyoumustfightyourand you or a loved one is injured, made ill, employersinsurancecompanyfortheor dies as a result of a workplace accident medicaltreatmentandbenefitsyouareorcondition.Thefollowingprovidesan owed. Trust us, no insurance company isoverview and explanation of the the WC looking to pay for treatment and disabilitysystem and its various components.benefits they can avoid, which means you have to fight for the rights and justice you deserve.3800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'