b'WORK INJURY LAWHOW LONG WILL YOUR WC CASE LAST?Once you have initiated your claim, you will haverelatively short-lived (a few months up to a accesstoapprovedmedicalprovidersthatyear). More complex injuries can take one or will evaluate you, diagnose you, determine amore years to heal or to become permanent treatment plan, and then treat you accordingly.andstationary(P&S).Incaseswithmore Treatmentcanbedelayed,however,ifyourcomplex injuries, especially brain and spinal employers WC insurer disputes the diagnosiscord injuries, your WC case could take several and/or the treatment recommendations. years to resolve.Also, if you are unable to work as a result ofUltimately,nomatterthetimeframe,the your injury or illness, you will be assessed soend of your case typically occurs when you you can receive temporary disability paymentshave been cleared to return to work (with or thatcanconverttopermanentdisabilitywithout limitations) and/or have been given a payments if your injury or illness results in adisability rating (up to 100 percent disabled) long term or permanent disability rating. Again,after being deemed to be in a permanent and this process can be delayed if your employersstationary capacity. Much like a civil lawsuit, WC insurer disputes the findings and ratings. your WC case finalizes either by settlement or by trial in which your monetary award will be In terms of the total length of your case, thebased on your medical needs and ability (or rule of thumb is that the severity of your injuryinability) to work. (See next section for more or illness will usually dictate how long yourdetails.)caselasts.Straightforwardinjuries,such as a small fracture, might mean your case is 12800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'