b'WORK INJURY LAWWHAT TO DO AFTER A WORKPLACE INJURY OR ILLNESSIf you or a loved one has been injured, killed, or fallen ill from a work-related accident or workplace condition, its important to follow these tips to ensure your WC case starts out on the right foot:1.DEMAND IMMEDIATE MEDICAL TREATMENT.2.REPORT THE INJURY, DEATH, OR ILLNESS TO YOUR (OR YOUR LOVED ONES) EMPLOYER IMMEDIATELY. 3.FILE YOUR FORMAL WC CLAIM (FORM DWC-1) QUICKLY.4.KEEP RECORDS OF ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH YOUR EMPLOYER REGARDING YOUR INJURY OR ILLNESS.5.ENLIST THE HELP OF THE DOMINGUEZ FIRM. WE KNOW WCFREE CONSULTATIONINSIDE AND OUT AND WILL ASSIST800-777-7777YOU WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE.As is the case with all injuries and illnesses, the most important thing is your health.While its difficult to think of it at the time, its important to keep in mind that your WC case and related legal matters will allow you to get the care you deserve if you follow the above steps.Once a top-rated WC attorney is involved, you can then focus on your health and let your workers compensation lawyers take care of your case and all of the details associated with it.6800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'