b'WORK INJURY LAWWHAT IF A THIRD-PARTY IS AT FAULT? If a third-party person or entity causes or at least partially causes your on-the-job injuries or illness, you can sue the third-party directly in civil court while your WC claim is ongoing. The civil component of your case is known as a crossover or third-party crossover case. To win a third-party crossover case, you must prove liability as well as your damages in a civil case.It is important to know that in most crossover cases, your employers WC insurance carrier will seek indemnification from the third-party to reimburse it for its payments on benefits and related costs.Common Third-PartyCrossover Casesk k k k Onmultiple-employerworksites,suchas construction sites, where several different sub-contractorsareworkingatthesame timeVehicular accidents in which a third-party vehicle is involved Unsafe condition of a third-partys property that causes harm Products liability in which a defective product causes you injury13800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'