b'WORK INJURY LAWMOST DANGEROUSJOBS IN CALIFORNIAk k k k k k k k ConstructionAgriculturalLogging Commercial trucking Factory work Airplane pilotsTaxi cab drivers TransportationWorking can be one of the most dangerous things we do, as these alarming statistics show.5,000 worker fatalities in the U.S. in 2016.1/5 of work-related fatalities were suffered by foreign-born workers.2,083 deaths were caused byIn 2016, an average worker-transportation incidents. of 3.7 out of 100 workers in California 892,270 workers missed an average of 8 days ofwere reported as work due to workplace injuries in 2016. injured, ill, or killed due to a work-related 376 worker fatalities occuredincident.in California in 2016.Sources: OSHA, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Industrial Relations, NES Global5800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'