b'WORK INJURY LAWKNOW YOUR OPPONENTWhile you hope that your employer and its WC insurance carrier have your best interests at heart, the fact of the matter is that you usually have to fight to make sure you receive all benefits owed to you.Unfortunately, a few bad apples who try to manipulate or defraud the WC system have fueled employers and their WC insurance companies to essentially assume that everyone is a bad apple. They tend to approach injuries, illnesses, and deaths with a heavy dose of skepticism and make you, the legitimately injured or ill employee, jump through hoops and over obstacles before they pay out benefits. Once you file your WC claim, you may encounter all sorts of denials, defenses, and arguments that are made in an effort to end or minimize your WC claim. Its unfortunate that in a no fault system, some WC insurance companies want to find any reason to deny or minimize your benefits.Being aware of these opposition tactics is important so you do not fall trap to them.Tactics Used By The Defensek k k k k k Missed deadlines andk k k k Denials or delays relating to medical statute of limitationstreatment and access to careImproperly filling out forms Denials or delays relating to disability benefits Arguments that you were an independent contractor, not an employee Claiming you engaged in fraud of the systemYour injury or illness was not a result from your workSub rosa video in which private investigators are enlisted to secretly Your injuries or illnesses are notvideotape or photograph you, hoping as severe as you make them out to be you will do something that is contrary to doctors orders or that is inconsistent Arguments that you could or should bewith your injury and diagnosisable to return to work sooner than you actually can 16800-777-7777DominguezFirm.com'